The Future of Waterotor Energy Technologies

Waterotor Energy Technologies: Low Cost Power from Slow Moving Water. Waterotor Energy Technologies Inc. has created and proven a novel method for producing continuous, sustainable, renewable electricity at a reasonable cost. The Waterotor is a device that converts more than 30% of the energy in very slow-moving water into electricity. It does this by combining hydrodynamic torque-generating blades that generate lift and drag, a water-directing deflector, a specially constructed electric generator, and other unique patent-protected features. The Waterotor produces no emissions and has a little environmental effect.

Having inexpensive and easily accessible power is a key worldwide concern. Over 800 million people rely on expensive, environmentally harmful fossil fuel generators for their electricity, while 1.2 billion people live without access to it. Nonetheless, rivers, canals, and ocean currents that carry slowly flowing water cover more than 71% of the earth, providing an accessible but underutilized source of energy. There is a massive untapped worldwide market for both replacing the millions of fuel-burning generators that now deliver expensive power and supplying energy where it is not accessible.

20kw Waterotor devices are sold, manufactured, and installed globally by Waterotor Energy Technologies, Inc., with a focus on the energy needs of Pacific Island countries at first. Island nations that use generators to generate power at 44–49 cents per kWh must import pricey diesel fuel. River and ocean currents may be used by Waterotor to produce electricity for as little as five cents per kWh. Island states urgently want Waterotor!

In order to successfully complete Waterotor commercialization through advanced full-scale prototype demonstrations, product and market preparation, Waterotor Energy Technologies Inc. was established in 2011. The firm has now selected prime manufacturing contractors and is prepared to meet the demands of the worldwide market for affordable, sustainable electrical energy.

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