Innovative Packaging Problem-Solution Fit

Packaging Problem-Solution Fit difficulties affects seven out of ten businesses that we speak with regarding packaging solutions.

The problems might differ in terms of scope, scale, urgency, and requirements. When all the layers are removed, these packaging difficulties ultimately come down to one of four themes: cost, design, sustainability, and strength.

Below is a summary of the most typical packaging problems and suggestions for how to resolve them.

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Boosting Stacking Strength for Rigid Packaging: The First Packaging Challenge

In the context of packing strength, the questions we typically encounter are:

How can we make sure that during shipping, the packaging is not harmed?

The items that are piled cause the packaging to get distorted. How can this issue be avoided?

A manager of operations from a fast-moving consumer goods firm that deals with cooking oil contacted us recently about a comparable issue. The customer gave us instructions on how to address the distortion of PET bottles used to package oil during stacking and transit.

The packaging specialists at Bizongo came up with four distinct solutions after carefully examining the issue. Here’s a brief overview of how you might wish to approach resolving a comparable issue.

Packaging Challenge: Cutting Down on Packaging Delivery & Transportation Expenses

Lower expenses result in higher profit margins. Higher margins translate into higher earnings. Increased earnings drive corporate expansion. Bosses are thrilled when their businesses thrive. Promotions at work are a result of contented employers.

Hey, who doesn’t want to get promoted?

Thus, the crucial query is: What is the best way to minimize packing-related expenses?

I’ll discuss two intriguing use cases we’ve encountered to handle these packaging problems in this section. For e-commerce items, the first example is secondary packaging, while the second is tertiary packing.

Creating Recyclable and Eco-Friendly Packaging is the Third Packaging Challenge.

Including environmentally friendly packaging is the biggest obstacle facing all businesses, regardless of size.

According to Web Stories Shares, the global market for green packaging is anticipated to expand by over 60% between 2024 and 2030. The quantity of relevant enquiries we have received over the past three years is likewise consistent with this data. 

Currently, we are managing a demand for a well-known FMCG firm that involves creating sustainable laminate packaging for their sauces.

Packaging Challenge: Using Packaging To Differentiate A Product

What’s new about using packaging to differentiate a product? Isn’t it what all other organizations require? 

It is, indeed. Nevertheless, businesses invest a staggering amount of effort and money into doing this well.

As an example, consider Liso Chocolatier, with whom we recently collaborated, and the chocolate spread product category in question. The creator of Liso was given a straightforward brief: the client want to grow their brand throughout India and was searching for a design that would make them stand out on shop shelves. Often times, designers wind up going the usual way in an attempt to mimic market competition, which leads to a design that equals the competition rather than stands out from the competition. Our creative team adopted an alternative strategy. To create designs that complemented the brand’s mission, they thoroughly researched the history and foundation of the business.

We approached this packaging problem from the standpoint of the core packaging product for an FMCG firm that deals with edible oil goods, which is another way to look at it. The company’s head of procurement, our customer, needed packaging for one of their items and was considering plastic tubs as a possible solution. In-Mold-Labelling (IMF) was the addition that we made in this case.

Overcoming Packaging Difficulties

These therefore are the four typical packaging problems that Bizongo has encountered, along with their fixes.

Is there anything on this list that you are not facing? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments area, and I’ll do my best to answer. As an alternative, you may get in touch with us personally to have a one-on-one conversation.

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