Waste Collection System Introduced By Marimatic Eliminates

The city of Amsterdam has selected MariMatic as the supplier of an Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) for the new Sluisbuurt residential neighbourhood after a public procurement procedure. The system makes use of non-corrosive pipe networks and MariMatic’s own MetroTaifun technology, which is energy-efficient.

Sluisbuurt, a brand-new neighbourhood in Amsterdam situated on the Zeeburgereiland, is expected to include 5500 new residences along with stores, offices, and schools. Apart from the OAT system, which stands for Automatic Waste Collection System in Dutch, additional sustainable technologies like district heating powered by renewable energy sources will be installed in the region.

By employing vacuum conveying to collect and transport garbage directly from the buildings through an underground pipe network to a waste transfer terminal, traditional waste vehicles that are noisy and emit large amounts of pollution are removed from the region. Within the waste transfer terminal, four distinct waste fractions are gathered and stored in various containers. Subsequently, the containers will be collected and distributed to recycling centres and other locations.

The building is designed with high sustainability in mind, including solar panels, rainwater collection, and even a charging point for the service cars. Part of the walls will be glass, giving the public the possibility to view the pneumatic collection in action. The waste transfer terminal, which is part of the contract, called “The Diamond,” will be located in the park. The public tender in Amsterdam was focused on technology, reliability, performance, quality, and a technical life cycle of 60 year.

MariMatic is renowned for using “composite piping” with a diameter of 300 mm as opposed to the more typical 500 mm carbon steel piping systems. The systems have a longer life cycle since there is less corrosion. Potential obstructions are less likely to occur because trash fills the pipe more easily, creating a stronger vacuum force needed for conveying. MariMatic’s formator technological advancements have made it possible to employ bigger waste bags (150 litre) in pipework with a 300 mm diameter. The unique Ring-Line design of MariMatic makes it easy to alter the direction of air flow, making it easier to remove any obstructions.

MariMatic was recently given contracts to deliver Automatic Waste Collection Systems for Haga Norra, Stockholm, and Förseglet, Västerås, two new residential developments in Sweden. When combined with the Amsterdam deal, their order value surpasses 30 million euros.

Technology business MariMatic creates and sells vacuum pipe conveying systems. Since the goods and solutions’ inception in 1983, more than 1000 systems have been supplied to more than 40 nations.

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