The Flying Supercar Witness the Future of Automotive Innovation

Mansory uses Empower, an attempt to recreate a flying supercar without wheels that floats in the air while it is parked or idle, to look into the future of vehicle customisation and refinement along with the new designs and technology of cars. The concept of this flying supercar appears to have taken design influences from hypercars and carbon-fiber cars that the luxury car modification company has worked on, such as Lamborghini and Mercedes.

The sharp lines of Empower are reminiscent of the style of premium cars, and the sleek flying supercar gleams in the rear. Its doors may open vertically, just as some Mercedes and Lamborghini hyper car models, and its front windows are big enough to provide the driver and passenger with panoramic views. The photos’ publication may shed light on Mansory’s future ambitions for a flying supercar, but Empower’s specifics are currently unknown as the company concentrates more on other 2024 automobile upgrades.

It seems that Mansory’s flying supercar concept Empower has no wheels

the insignia Mansory is printed at the rear of the vehicle

Three Luxury Car Conversions In 2024

Mansory points out that future automobiles are also altering, in addition to driving principles themselves. This suggests that the company is planning to move in that direction, making adjustments to meet any refining requirements that future automobiles might require or desire. However, how will it seem in the future? What will be its power source and mode of transportation? What will be new in a fundamental way? The company queries. Although it admits that no one can say for sure right now, Mansory’s Empower flying supercar could already be able to provide a peek of what could be possible for cars in the future.mansory flying supercar empower.

It remains to be seen whether flying cars are feasible, but Mansory, which was established in 1989 and is well-known for modifying a number of high-end vehicles, has ambitious plans to finish the conversions of three high-end vehicles by 2024: the Ferrari Purosangue, the hybridised Lamborghini Revuelto, and the all-electric Rolls-Royce Spectre. Mansory intends to launch additional wheel designs, concepts for interior refinement, and other methods for producing carbon parts in addition to these adaptations.

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