The Future of Energy Connected Solutions Build Business Case Value  

The linked world of today was unimaginable when the first Internet of Things (IoT) device was created in the early 1980s. A customized Coca-Cola vending machine that served as the first device served as a model for linked buildings, EV chargers, and countless more gadgets. By 2025, there may be almost 31 billion IoT devices worldwide, a 124% increase from 2021. Learn more about the Energy Connected Solutions from Future Energy and how they facilitate the EV revolution by removing obstacles.

Electrical system connectivity is more than just a trendy trend for the future. Through the use of data, your company may save expenses, strive toward sustainability objectives, and find chances for expansion. You may operationalize the data your IoT devices gather with the aid of the array of solutions offered by Future Energy. We demonstrate how effective use of this data supports current wise judgment and forward-thinking corporate strategy.

Using Future Energy’s Software Solution, Gaining Understanding Of Operations

Collecting data from your IoT solutions is the first step in leveraging data to get business insights. The device’s sensors will be used for this data collecting. These sensors keep tabs on the machine’s functioning and transmit data online.

Manage what you measure, as we like to say at Future Energy.

Centralizing Iot Device Data

Interface is a cutting-edge software platform offered by Future Energy. Your business uses Interface to monitor and manage all of the intelligent devices on your site, including the lights, EV charging stations, security cameras, and other systems. 

Interface has a simple dashboard that you can use to get real-time data visualizations from any screen on any device, wherever you are. Diagrams of all kinds, such as graphs and charts, are included in these representations.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Interface gathers and tracks data in real-time so you may take immediate action or program the system to take action automatically. For instance, Interface proactively modifies other electrical systems to prevent unforeseen costs when your power usage approaches peak load. Any things that need quick care are flagged by the program and sent notifications.

Additionally, Interface makes proactive suggestions using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Creating Value With A Committed Team

As a client of Future Energy, you are never on your own as you attempt to make your way through the challenging world of data gathering and analysis. Any customer with an Interface subscription really gets a customer Success Team assigned by Future Energy. Our staff members are committed to going through and examining your data so we can explain how to incorporate it into your plan in the most effective way.

EV Charging Solution from Future Energy: Creating Business Value

Your EV chargers must be connected to the internet in order to track and quantify the amount of electricity they are using. Networked chargers are another name for connected EV chargers.

The Chargeparc, a fully functional, turnkey EV charging environment from Future Energy, includes networked chargers as a significant component. From determining your use case through design, construction, and data management, Future Energy oversees the whole EV charger installation project.

Maintaining EV Charging Instantaneously

Future Energy links all of your EV chargers to Interface after building your EV charging environment. Real-time monitoring and management of your EV charging stations is possible.

The dashboard for Interface makes it simple to view driver and consumption statistics as well as any intelligent device on your property.

Connecting Ev Chargers

According to Future Energy, installing a direct-current fast charger (DCFC, or level 3 charger), each device adds 200–400 kilowatts of electrical load. It is possible to control power consumption and prevent energy distribution bottlenecks by connecting to the interface.

Networked EV chargers can also connect with the nearby utility. For the best possible electricity costs for your consumption, Future Energy acts as a middleman between your firm and the utility.

Networked EV chargers even assist your business in increasing sales. Customers are attracted by public EV chargers by EV drivers who are in need of a charge. In fact, a ChargePoint research, a Future Energy partner, discovered that EV charging extends consumer stay time by an average of 50 minutes. Apps for EV charging allow drivers to check the status of the facility.

Cost-Compensation Using Future Energy’s Digital Tool

Any government agency providing grants for the construction of EV chargers needs to network them using a program like Interface. Future Energy assists our clients in locating and securing all grants and other financial incentives that may be available. 

Our Financial Incentive National Database (FIND) tool is a very accurate database that provides a list of all states’ and Puerto Rico’s’ financial incentive programs. Tax credits, subsidies and refunds as well as lower electricity rates are among the funding options. Companies frequently have the ability to pay for almost all of their installation expenses.

Additionally helping with the application process is Future Energy. When any electrical infrastructure updates are necessary, your business will be sent to the head of the queue thanks to our agreements with local utilities.

Setting Sustainability Goals In Priority

Government initiatives and private investors are putting more of an emphasis on businesses’ efforts to lessen their carbon footprints and are encouraging them to innovate with sustainable solutions. Future Energy assists its customers in prioritizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, and our solutions are in line with the international goals for reducing emissions.

Electricity Systems And Future Energy’s Smart Building Solutions Connected

Technology is used to operate intelligent buildings effectively. The electrical systems, which include those for lighting, heating and cooling, and more, communicate with one another. They communicate data to Interface, which is collected and used to assist manage expenses and lower total energy use.

LED Lighting

Future Energy creates the ultimate lighting management solution by integrating many IoT sensors into new lighting fixtures. Among our lighting options are:

  • LED illumination
  • Automation
  • gathering info in real time
  • thorough reporting
  • visualisation display
  • dependable controls

Security and Safety

Smart security systems include internet connections, allowing for real-time video monitoring. Additionally, alerts for urgent requirements are available. These intelligent security solutions are housed on Interface’s dashboard for simple access and management.

EV charging solutions gain from the integration of these intelligent security systems. To improve security and keep an eye on illegal use, watch the activity around your EV charger from one central place.

Additional Technology On-Site

Your electrical systems are all integrated via Interface, which improves energy utilization. The demands of all of your systems may be balanced using the artificial intelligence and machine learning that Interface has built in. These systems consist of:

  • both heating and cooling
  • Tracking of assets and personnel
  • AV and audio equipment
  • plenty more

For instance, Interface advises when to charge your EV fleet the most efficiently to avoid having a negative impact on temperature control systems. In real-time, Interface may instantly switch the energy load from one smart system to another to prevent overage costs.

Future Energy: Futureproofing Your Business In A Connected World

An incredible number of gadgets are becoming linked. Keep your company from falling behind. Get in touch with Future Energy right now to learn more about how our specialists can help you make the most of the data from your systems.

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