Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 New Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Stunning Visuals

Call of Duty: Next 2023 recently ended and gave us knowledge about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III equivalent to a megaton bomb. We discovered what this year’s installment, which celebrates 20 years of the franchise, will be giving us when it comes on November 10 on Xbox franchise X|S and Xbox One, from its forthcoming multiplayer Beta to new maps, modes, and more.

How To Play The Open Beta For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Ready to play Modern Warfare III right away? You’re in luck since this month will feature a sizable multiplayer Open Beta. The Beta will be available for download from the Microsoft Store and give early access to those who have placed pre-orders. It will give players a glimpse at a vast array of maps, modes, and gameplay. The specifics are as follows:

When Will The Xbox Beta Be Available?

You may start playing the game on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on October 12 at 10 a.m. PT if you pre-ordered it. Your receipt (or an email on an online receipt) will come with a Beta code if you pre-ordered the game from a participating store. On October 14, all other gamers will get access starting at 10 a.m. PT.

What Maps Are Included In The Beta?

Seven maps total—five Core maps, two Ground War maps—will be included in the beta. The core maps will be Skidrow (an urban setting with tunnels and alleys for flanking opportunities), Rust (a notorious desert environment), and Highrise (an office rooftop with a helipad, maintenance tunnels, and crane to fight across). Favela will offer maze-like alleys and surprise attacks from rooftops. Estate will include a main lodge building, wooded areas, and outbuildings.

Popov Power Plant, a sizable industrial complex suitable for both sniper and vehicle action, and Orlov Military facility, a tightly packed facility with surprising lines of sight and warehouses, are the two Ground War maps.

What Modes Are Available In Beta?

Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, Cutthroat (a new game; see more below), Search & Destroy, and Ground War are among the seventy modes you may play.

Is The Modern Warfare III Beta A Place To Gain Rewards?

Yes! A 30-level progression system will be included in the Beta, and completing specific levels will unlock incentives for the Modern Warfare III launch version on November 10. These benefits are:

Level 2: An animated logo

Weapon Charm at Level 7.

Level 9: Sticker Level 11: Animated Calling Card

15th level: Vinyl

Level 20: Blueprint for a weapon

24th level: sticker

Operator Skin at Level 30

All The New Information And Changes For Modern Warfare III Multiplayer

Greg Reisdorf, Adam Iscove, and Kim Weigend, developers for Sledgehammer Games, were on stage to present us about Modern Warfare III’s multiplayer mode. They also brought a lot to discuss:


The devs showed off five of the 16 Core maps that will be included in the beta and accessible at launch, even if they did confirm that additional Ground War maps will debut on day one. Favela, Estate, Skidrow, Rust, and Highrise are all updated versions of popular levels from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009).

The maps were redesigned with increased graphical capability while maintaining their beloved original designs. Most excitingly, we even got to see how modes from games like Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed, which were launched after Modern Warfare 2, might function in these iconic settings.

Additionally, we discovered that Modern Warfare III will receive brand-new seasonal content after launch that would add at least 12 new Core maps.


Many of the modes you are familiar with will return in Modern Warfare III, but it also introduces a new one called Cutthroat. Each player in this 3v3v3 team mode is given just one life every round, and it uses Core maps. Each side must defeat the other squad or wait until overtime to take a flag, combining both strategy and aggressiveness in equal measure.

Additionally, we heard that Ground War will return and will be based on portions of the upcoming Call of Duty: Warzone map (more on that later). War mode is also making a comeback for the first time since Call of Duty: WWII. Large groups of players battle it out on a specially designed battlefield to accomplish a variety of tasks, such as escorting vehicles, conquering sites, and finally launching an ICBM.

Changes in Gameplay

The team made a number of tweaks that should make multiplayer more addictive than ever, even though the core will remain recognizable. The biggest noticeable change for experienced players will probably be the changes to mobility, which let you to shoot while sliding, mantle things more rapidly, and cancel slide and reload animations when necessary. Even improved movement speed is provided by the redesigned Tac-Stance at the expense of bullet spread, giving a compromise between hip fire and aiming with down sights.

While the team is adding a variety of new weaponry to Modern Warfare III, your inventory from the previous game will still be carried over. The new Aftermarket Parts system will let you add alternative growth routes for your weapons, so leveling up with a particular weapon won’t be the end of your time experimenting with it. Dramatic changes can ensue, such as turning pistols into SMGS or giving LMGs bullpup designs.

Additionally, a brand-new Perks system built around your equipment is available. Perks are now physically represented by four groups: vest, gloves, boots, and gear. You have the freedom to design the ideal construct because each piece of clothes or equipment has a unique Perk.

We also took a look at some new equipment that you may add to your loadout. Breacher Drones are a new lethal equipment option that are slow-moving explosives that may be deployed as distracting or lethal weapons. Meanwhile, a brand-new Killstreak called Mosquito Drones circles an area and dive-bombs foes. A.C.S., an Automated Computer Spike that can be thrown into objective locations and hack enemy equipment, and Comm Scrambler, a device that prevents opponent killstreaks and field upgrades from operating within a certain radius, were also introduced.

Warzone In Modern Warfare III: All The New Information And Changes

Ted Timmins, senior creative director at Raven Software, visited to discuss Warzone and unveil its newest map, Urzikstan. In this new endeavor, both Warzone and Zombies will call Urzikstan home. There are eleven big attractions, as well as several minor ones, all located in an autumnal setting.

Along with incorporating the movement changes from Modern Warfare III’s multiplayer mode, Warzone also introduces some of its own changes, such as the addition of the traditional multiplayer minimap and the ability to manually stow your gas mask to prevent animations from interfering with crucial final battles for victory.

Additionally, Urzikstan adds several significant new elements to Warzone: A drivable train will become a special mobile center of interest for players, horizontal ziplines give new opportunities for ambushes or escape, and a new Champions Quest is available for the most accomplished players.

There will also be some intriguing alterations to The Gulag, the original Warzone method of surviving death. Players will now need to escape from the gulag via a climbing zipwire (and can be shot off of it, too), in place of an overtime flag. The Gulag will occasionally get dark, requiring players to utilize Night Vision Goggles to survive even stressful situations. The Gulag may now host public events, adding new difficulties while enabling participants to reenter the battle with better tools.

Vondel and Ashika Island will still be available in some Warzone modes beyond Urzikstan, and Raven also confirmed that the Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island maps will make further appearances.

Zombies In Modern Warfare III: All The New Information And Changes

Kevin Drew and Miles Leslie of Treyarch joined the show to discuss this unique spin on the traditional experience as Modern Warfare III is the first Modern Warfare game to have a Zombies mode.

The new Zombies will be an open-world PvE game where various squads may cooperate to free themselves from a zombie-infested Urzikstan while being accompanied by a brand-new narrative, Dark Aether. Not only has the mode’s composition altered, but it now has useable vehicles, more foes than ever before (including non-undead mercenaries), and awards and upgrades designed especially for the mode. Additionally, you’ll be able to keep the weapons you stole in later rounds, giving you another incentive to repeat.

While the organization wants experienced players to feel perfectly at home, it’s the ideal opportunity for new players to check out Zombies.

Pre-order incentives for Modern Warfare III

In addition to receiving early access to the Open Beta, pre-orders also entitle you to instant benefits for Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, as well as further incentives for the November release of Modern Warfare III.

Pre-ordering the Vault Edition will give you access to two Weapon Vaults, two Nemesis Pack Operators, and even more, all of which will be unlocked during the Beta. Additionally, you’ll receive the Soul Harvester Tracer Weapon Blueprint, which has a menacing design, tracer rounds, and unique death effects. This weapon comes directly out of the upcoming Zombies mode. Beginning on October 17, it will be playable in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II in addition to Modern Warfare .

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