The Future of Autofuel – A Robotic Refuelling System


The goal of Danish company Autofuel, which specializes in autonomous technologies, is to simplify its clients’ life through automated fuelling. Customers may stay in their cars while the automated system refuels them thanks to Autofuel’s robotic refueling system technology.

Robotics And AI In The Twenty-First Century

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are having an increasing influence, which increases production and efficiency.

Because of these developments, companies may benefit greatly from the conservation of important resources like time, money, and labor. Additionally, companies are using AI to provide customers with even more ease.

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Automated Systems In Your Service Station

In recent years, technology has developed at an astonishing rate. Many AI-based technologies are now available to us to improve our quality of life. However, certain traditional techniques, such car refueling, are still mostly performed by drivers or station employees.

Nevertheless, the Danish firm Autofuel wants to change this process.

Two important factors that contribute to the competitiveness of the retail energy market today are accessibility and simplicity. It has been suggested that automatic fuelling is a practical service that might help customers save significant time.

The business has created an automated refueling system that eliminates the need for human interaction, reducing the risks and offering users convenience at the same time.

How Do Robots That Refuel Operate?

A high-tech tool called the Autofuel refueling system was created to make it easier to refill cars with the right kind of fuel. The Autofuel app, a customized gas cap, and a 6-degree-of-freedom robotic refueling manipulator make up the system’s three primary parts.

Through adherence to a well-planned sequence of actions, the Autofuel refueling system guarantees a seamless and effective operation.

Before use the filling mechanism offered by Autofuel, customers must register both their car and themselves via the app. The user is required to provide facts about their vehicle, such as the kind of gasoline and payment method. The consumer has to put the customized gas cap on their car when the registration procedure is finished.

The automobile is prepared for autonomous refueling at any gas station with the Autofuel refueling system after the user enters their information and that of their car into the database and installs the specific fuel cap.

The driver is instructed to precisely align the vehicle through a screen as the automobile gets closer to the fuel pump. To guarantee that the robotic manipulator can reach the fuel cap and nozzle safely, proper automobile alignment is essential.

When the vehicle is in position, the robotic manipulator removes the unique gas cap and places the gasoline nozzle in order to refill. The Autofuel app provides the driver with real-time updates from the system on the progress of the refilling procedure. The driver is alerted to begin removing the nozzle from the vehicle after the refueling is finished.

The gasoline cap is screwed back on after the robotic manipulator removes the fuel nozzle. The driver is subsequently given a notification by the system that the refueling procedure is over. The motorist can then exit the pump and go on with their trip. The autofuel refueling system streamlines the procedure and guarantees that the right kind of fuel is used to refill the car.

Benefits Of Autofuel Technology

Both gas station owners and customers may profit from the Autofuel robotic refilling technology in a number of ways. For proprietors of gas stations, one of the biggest advantages is more income. Customers are more likely to prefer the gas station with the Autofuel technology over those that do not since it allows for faster and more convenient fuelling.

Additionally, the technology frees up staff time so they can provide consumers with other services like vehicle wash or convenience store buying. Gas stations that implement the Autofuel technology will be able to draw in more business and increase income in this way.

Additionally, the Autofuel technology lowers the possibility of fuel theft and improper usage of business cards. Because the system uses an automated procedure, there is a reduced chance of fraud or error, which leads to higher accountability and better control over fuel use.

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