The Future of VeinViewer Technology Directly on the Patient’s Skin

VeinViewer is the leading vein finding technology on the market, and vein lighting is increasingly being advised as a way to aid enhance IV access.
It has been demonstrated that VeinViewer may reduce PICC lines by more than 30%, increase IV first-stick success by up to 100%, and shorten IV start times by up to 100%. Christie is proud of the caliber of its offerings and the promises it makes to clients, as seen by the length of its guarantee.

How does VeinViewer achieve this level of performance?

Creating the VeinViewer image:

Harmless near-infrared light is projected on to the skin and then absorbed by blood, but reflected by surrounding tissue. VeinViewer captures that information, processing it through a computer to create and then project a full field digital image of the patient’s vein pattern. The HD (high definition) image is projected directly on the skin; no patches, no gels, just the LED projection. And VeinViewer does it in real time.

Our exclusive focal indicator lets you know you are at the correct distance to ensure image quality and accuracy. Multiple exclusive ASSESS™ Plus imaging modes allow you to adapt the projected image to meet your patient’s needs and your own preferences. Clinicians may evaluate a patient’s venous pattern with VeinViewer, regardless of their size, age, or skin tone.

Measured accuracy:

Christie has put our technology through a great deal of testing. Our picture accuracy is demonstrated by research using over 3000 data points from the VeinViewer projection.

TrueView emphasizes vein-width precision and a trustworthy picture, which are essential for giving accurate information for choosing the appropriate catheter gauge and boosting your vein illumination device’s overall confidence. The projected vein width of VeinViewer, which shows a difference of +/- 0.06 mm, displays nearly perfectly for the veins that are most often accessible during peripheral IV implantation (3-7 mm wide). That translates to 60 microns, or micrometers; that’s only 20 microns from the visual threshold, and that’s 40% smaller than a human hair. Click here to download our TrueView whitepaper.

Exclusive technology:

The cutting-edge technology of VeinViewer helps medical professionals in real-time patient assessments determine the optimal vein possibilities. By navigating the VeinViewer picture around the anatomy and receiving instant feedback, you may evaluate every alternative for peripheral vein access with our AVINTM (Active Vascular Imaging Navigation). This is directly related to VeinViewer’s capacity to improve the venipuncture process Pre-, During-, and Post-access, in conjunction with our Df2 technology.

Compared to other vein light devices on the market, our unique Df2 (Digital full field) technology enables doctors to observe deeper vasculature with more precision. VeinViewer can show you more than just the vein’s location since our unique algorithms have analyzed the whole field of the image. You may make a better-informed choice about the implantation of an intravenous catheter by using our vein illuminator to display important information before, during, and after access.

You may effortlessly include VeinViewer’s Eyes on Patient (EOP) hands-free approach into your routine treatment; there’s no need to glance away from a display and nothing extra to grasp when accessing the vein. Contact a Christie specialist by dialing 877 SEE VEIN to find out more about VeinViewer technological solutions.

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