Underwater Fibre-Optic Cable to Pass Between Ireland and The UK For the First Time

Researchers Have Tested an Underwater Fibre-Optic Cable to Pass Quantum Communications Between the Republic of Ireland and England.

The researchers used a network cable called Rockabill to conduct a number of tests under the direction of Professor Marco Lucamarini from the University of York’s Institute for Safe Autonomy.

The undersea quantum communication system that connects Ireland and the UK uses the longest fiber-optic cable. The 224-kilometer cable connects Southport, England, to Portrane, Ireland.

The company euNetworks owns and runs this network.

It is among the newest commercial optical fiber systems now in use.

Which Restrictions Apply to Quantum Communications?

Particles of light are used in quantum communications to transfer data via optical lines in a very brittle condition. This implies that if someone tries to change or steal confidential data while it is in transit, the particles will collide.

Many significant businesses and organizations are interested in using quantum communications to protect their data, but it has drawbacks, particularly in terms of the distance it can travel, according to Professor Lucamarini.

The probability that photons, the light particles we utilize as bearers of quantum information, will be lost, absorbed, or dispersed in the channel increases with increasing distance, which lowers the likelihood that the information will reach its intended recipient.

This is a hurdle when organizations need to communicate sensitive information to foreign nations because there may be an ocean between the communications’ start and conclusion points.

How Does a Wire Buried Underwater Get Around This Restriction?

To lessen the likelihood that quantum information would be lost, the researchers employed the undersea cable system that connects England and Ireland. Particles might enter the connection and travel to the opposite end of the communication channel thanks to the underwater system.

As a result of the link’s little time delay, data may be sent and received quickly. In terms of financial transactions, this is crucial.

This is a genuinely exciting step toward realizing the full potential of quantum communications and for the future of protecting private data in a setting that is becoming the so-called “quantum internet,” according to Professor Lucamarini.

This initiative also improves the actual integration of quantum communication technology into the current global telecommunications and network infrastructure, bringing it out of the lab and into a “real-world” situation.

Sensitive Detectors Had a Key Role in The Outcome.

The researchers thinks the very sensitive detectors placed at the Southport endpoint of the cable were responsible for the trials’ success. These were employed to lessen disturbance from the surroundings or noise.

This interference is comparable to the sun’s glare on a laptop screen. The user can continue to operate normally when external illumination is reduced in this situation.

“We are proud to support a critical project that pushes the limits of quantum technology and has implications for the future of network security,” said Paula Cogan, Chief Executive Officer of euNetworks.

“The effective integration of quantum technologies over a long-distance network of commercial-grade optical fiber infrastructure is a promising development. The Super Highway network of the euNetworks, which includes Rockabill, offers the perfect foundation for cutting-edge new technologies that will improve and advance network infrastructure in the future.

Future Applications for The Cable Line

To open the door for advancements in quantum communications, other tests will be conducted utilizing the same cable connection.

The team anticipates that regular communications for businesses exchanging private data between the UK and Ireland would eventually incorporate the services provided by quantum technology.

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