The Future of Smart Windows Digital Innovation

Smart Windows

Europe’s biggest producer and exporter of Smart windows is Poland. Research and innovation have led to the development of several functionalities seen in smart windows. Polish firms are developing items that are more than simply glass panels for walls; they are surfaces that allow users to view words. Is there a possibility that smart windows will become a standard feature in our homes and workplaces?

Poland served as a portal for the winds of change that carried a democratic breakthrough throughout East-Central Europe in 1989. However, the nation’s economy was in a terrible place and had nothing to offer international clients or contract partners.

The circumstances have drastically changed in only thirty years. Poland was known as “Europe’s economic prodigy” throughout this period and even managed to weather the 2008 financial crisis.

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The economy is still doing well right now, but analysts note that the state’s lack of innovation and propensity for low labor prices are two of its primary issues. However, certain industries are not affected by this issue. Making windows is one industry like this.

Windows Are The Main Export From Poland.

There are over 2,500 window manufacturing enterprises in Poland. With a revenue of almost EUR 1.5 billion, Poland even surpassed Germany in terms of export windows and emerged as the top exporter in the EU in 2015. Around 13 million windows are produced annually by businesses along the Vistula, 70% of which are transported overseas.

Family-run enterprises that specialize in carpentry and window building items dominate this market. These were founded in the 1990s, and the founders or their families continue to be in charge of them. Their revenues are in the hundreds of millions of PLN, and some of them—like Oknoplast, a company situated in Krakow—make more than PLN 1 billion (about 250 million euros).

Behind their success lay, above all, exceptional product quality, the newest technology, appealing design, affordable pricing and speedy delivery. Thanks to years of market research into the idiosyncrasies of international markets, Polish enterprises are not only able to obtain contract partners in the EU, but also in the USA, Mexico, Australia and even on Zanzibar.

Panes, Frames, And A Plethora Of Additional Features

You might wonder, “What could be simpler than a window?” All you need is a glass pane and a frame. And you would have been absolutely correct a few dozen years ago. Polish producers are creating solutions that are improved by the windows’ features and guarantee that they are safer, stronger, lighter, more energy-efficient, and have better designs that let in more light.

Modern windows are developed by entire scientific teams, and even space technology—technology from space travel—is employed. And in this case, space can be taken literally. The substance known as aerogel, which has remarkable thermal qualities, is one example. NASA is looking into this material, which is used, for instance, to build spaceships and as an insulating layer for spacesuits.

“Oknoplast started using this aerogel in its products after a long search for materials with high insulation parameters,” explains Mike ſyrek, Oknoplast’s head of research and development.

That’s not all, though. Projects being worked on by Oknoplast and other businesses are altering the way we think about windows. In their view, a window serves more purposes than just providing air and light in a space. One of the most important systems in smart homes these days is Windows.

People may set them so that the smart glass reacts at a given moment or in response to predetermined atmospheric conditions by simply touching a button or using voice commands. So, a window may automatically close when it starts to rain. Additionally, smart windows may be operated from an office or a hundred kilometers distant using a smartphone. However, even more creative ideas are in store for the future.

A Look Into The Future: The Creation Of Intelligent Windows

A fresh perspective on window functionality also signifies a fresh manufacturing process. This will result in modifications to every system process, including installation, development, and production. It will change from a window to a computer solution of sorts.

At the moment, the emphasis is on technology development and research, including working with scientists and conducting tests in laboratories. The manufacturers will need to expand their IT departments considerably in the next phase. To create intelligent and dependable glass, they need experts.

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