Unlocking New Markets with Effective Packaging Translation

What Is Packaging Translation And Why Is It Important

To reach a larger, global audience, package translation involves translating the content on product packaging into many languages.

The duty to offer this information in the local tongue is frequently legal.

In order to properly serve a target market in each language, translating product packaging entails providing correct translations of product descriptions and other information.

This makes sure that items are successfully communicated and easily understood by people of diverse backgrounds and tongues.

Steps To Take To Translate Your Packaging Get The Source Files Ready.

The first step in getting your packaging translated is to have it completed in English.

Make sure there is sufficient physical space on the package for the translated content. Text volume fluctuates a lot when being translated. For instance, translating from English to Spanish might make the text 20% longer.

Additionally, make sure the English content is complete; introducing changes to the source material while the project is being translated can cause delays.

Join Forces With A Reputable Translation Company

The next step is to choose a trustworthy and expert translation service company.

Do your homework to make sure the service has ISO-certified procedures and delivers translations of the highest caliber at competitive rates.

In addition to having a staff of knowledgeable translators who are familiar with the sector and your target market, a competent translation business should also have expertise translating packaging.

Get references from other businesses that have utilized their services and ask for examples of their prior work.

Once the product translation effort is underway, translators may receive inquiries concerning certain terminologies and strategies. Make sure you can guide the translation team in the correct direction and be accessible for them.

Guidelines For Achieving Precise And Effective Packaging Translation

Give the packaging translation company you’ve chosen specific instructions on what needs to be translated, along with any packaging-related graphics or photos.

Provide these as well if you have product demos, training videos, brochures, and videos, etc. The additional background will aid translators in providing you with correct packing translations.

You might also need to describe the idea behind your product or service so that it can accurately express the message across all linguistic boundaries.

Additionally, if your product uses terminology unique to your brand, let the translators know so they may modify their work. This will make it more likely that the proper people will hear your message.

We advise you to provide us your design files in their original forms, such as InDesign, to help us do the task even more quickly. The need for manually copying translated content will be eliminated, and the likelihood of errors will be greatly reduced.

You will receive packaged translation that is ready to print when the files have been typeset and finalized by our skilled multilingual DTP team.

Common Blunders In Package Translation

Absence Of Sentences

Unfinished statements should be avoided when translating the packaging for your product since they might cause misunderstandings and confusion.

In previous projects when our clients attempted to use machine translation, we saw that they frequently omitted entire sentences from their descriptions.

Further Sentences

In other cases, extra text was included during machine translations, as well. Although this isn’t always a problem, it does cause the destination text to diverge from the English source text.

Without Regard For Context

Translation of the packaging or labeling for your goods must take context into account.

The wording on product packaging is often minimal. Because of this, the context for the words that translators use is often limited.

When a word or statement is translated out of context, it frequently results in misconceptions and inaccurate representations of the product, confusing and upsetting the client.

Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that the translation firm you choose has full access to all the information required about your product so that, before translating, they can assure an accurate grasp of the original text.

Why Global LTS Is A Good Choice For Package Translation Needs

There are numerous significant advantages to outsourcing your package translation to a reputable translation company like Global LTS.

In order to produce accurate and efficient translations, product translation services must first have a thorough understanding of how to design and manufacture labels and instructions in many languages. InDesign translation is one of the file types that we can manage.

Second, because our translators are frequently knowledgeable about international laws, they are aware of what is appropriate for a certain language and market.


Do you intend to market your goods abroad?

We can assist! Your product packaging will be precisely and appropriately translated for the global market thanks to our translation services.

You may expand your customer base and boost revenue with our assistance. Since we understand how crucial precise translations are, you can be confident that your product will be well-represented in every nation.

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