Latest Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind


Latest Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind :
These are not science fiction novel excerpts: reading without seeing the text, drawing water from the air, bringing sunlight into a dungeon, or conversing with a humanoid robot. You can already have all of this today. We’ll show you the top 9 most recent innovations that will astound you in this article. Prepare yourself for an amazing voyage into the realm of science and technology!

Latest Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Amica Robot: A Realistic Humanoid Machine

Most of you have watched the classic film iRobot, in which humanoid robots coexist with people and have the most expressive faces. Today, there’s a modern equivalent in the form of the Amica robot made by the British business Engineered Arts. At the CES show in Las Vegas, the robot made its debut. The second version of Amica, which is now considerably more lifelike, was created lately by engineers. The robot can mimic fundamental human emotions and gestures with its hands thanks to an increased number of motors in its head. For the time being, though, there’s no reason to fear a robot takeover because robots still cannot walk.

Water Gen Mobility: Extracting Water from Air

It might be difficult to get drinking water when travelling, particularly if your path takes you through a desert or other location where tap water is either hazardous or unavailable. The Water Gen Mobility unit, created by an Israeli business, makes it possible to harvest this essential liquid from the atmosphere for human use. The apparatus uses a fan to remove water from the surrounding air and looks like a standard portable generator. It operates on a conventional 220-volt outlet or a 12-volt vehicle socket. The water is collected in a dedicated tank after going through a multi-stage filtering system.

Latest Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Kohler New Me Smart Toilet

Nobody is surprised by smart houses nowadays, but a smart toilet is a novel concept. The Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant-equipped Numi 2.0 smart toilet was unveiled by Kohler. This toilet has several features such an automated flush, adjustable water stream temperature and pressure, warm air supply, air refreshing and the ability to raise or lower the lid and seat with heating. It can even greet its owner. Rich stereo sound is produced by speakers installed in the toilet, making the experience even more enjoyable. But all of these amenities come at an eleven thousand five hundred dollar price.

Latest Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Foreign Thermometer Meter

It might be difficult to cook meat to the right temperature, especially if you’ve never done it before. To the rescue comes the Foreign Thermometer Metre. This wireless thermometer enables you to remotely check how well steaks and other meat dishes are cooked. The gadget may be connected to a phone via an integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module. You may select a recipe and the amount of roasting using the app, and the gadget will alert your smartphone when the food reaches the right temperature. This guarantees consistently well-cooked meat.

Latest Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

My iPro: Smart Glasses for the Visually Impaired

For those who have trouble seeing their surroundings, OrCam has created smart glasses called My iPro. These glasses aid in their ability to recognise individuals, identify items, and read both written and digital text. Users may hear text found in books, newspapers, menus, and other publications because to the device’s ability to convey visual information in an audio format. My iPro features two microphones, a quick CPU, and a long-lasting battery.

NetBow: Complete Uniform Distribution of Water

Ensuring uniform hydration for the whole root system of potted plants can be difficult. This issue is resolved by the Israeli business Netafim’s NetBow drip irrigation technology. For even growth, it guarantees that water and nutrients are distributed completely and uniformly throughout the root system. The gadget is easy to connect and install, has typhoon drippers that are very robust, and is modest in size. The NetBow system was created especially for the soilless cultivation of valued plants like cannabis and blueberries.

Latest Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Himawari Solar: Bringing Natural Lighting Indoors

Sometimes a room can’t get enough natural light because of nearby structures, trees, or a lack of windows. One possible solution to this issue is the Himawari system. It is a system of lenses that gathers sunlight and sends it to a lighting component in the space via optical fibre cables. This invention not only offers complete natural illumination for a house or workplace, but it also lowers power costs. Natural illumination is ensured throughout the day by the Himawari Solar device’s automated tracking technology, which precisely detects the direction of the sun’s rays and continuously adjusts its position.

Wetricity: Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles

The incessant requirement for regular cable charging is the most vexing issue with cellphones. The trouble of refuelling an electric automobile is also experienced by its owner. Wetricity and General Motors, however, have teamed together to test the newest wireless charging technology for electric cars. The method uses electromagnetic waves and is based on the magnetic resonance phenomenon. The gadget is made up of a transmitter that is situated in the parking lot and a receiver that is mounted in the electric vehicle. Electric car charging is now more easy thanks to this wireless charging technology, which does away with the need for wires.

Samsung Family Hub: AI-Powered Refrigerator

It might be annoying to forget what to buy at the supermarket or to be at a loss for what to make for supper. You are the only one who should own the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator with AI. Every time the door is closed, its cameras snap pictures of its contents. You may view these photos on your smartphone by uploading them to the cloud. The integrated AI automatically generates a shopping list of items and plans your diet for up to one week. Meal planning and buying are made more convenient with the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.


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