How to Clean or Wash Diamond Ring at Home

Learn how to clean your diamond ring and restore its sparkles. Expert tips and step-by-step tips for sparkling results.

Diamond is the most costly and hardest natural substance on the earth. Koh-I-Nor marked as the most expensive diamond in the world. Not only money but also emotional touch is associated with the diamond. Dust is all around the environment. Every materialistic or non-materialistic thing gets dirty, if not taken care of properly. We use a variety of cosmetics in our day-to-day life like hand lotion, hair spray, nail polish, hair dye etc. We cannot remove our engagement ring every time we use cosmetics. What we can do is clean our engagement ring whenever it gets dirty. Let’s check some proven tips and tricks to clean diamond rings.

Use warm water and soap

One of the simplest tricks to clean a diamond ring is the use of warm water and soap. Just take a bowl and filed it with warm water, now put some soap or dishwashing powder in this water. Finally, put your engagement or diamond ring in the bowl and let it soak for at least 2 to 4 hours for a better result.

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Brush the ring

Like teeth, a toothbrush can be used to clean diamonds or an engagement ring. We brush our teeth to clean the dirt that is stuck deeper inside. Brush scratch the dust, so that it gets rid of easily. The same procedure works in cleaning the engagement or diamond ring. Attention – use a softer brush to avoid scratches and further damage to the ring. It is recommendable to use kid’s brushes because they have small and soft bristles. Always use a fresh and separate brush to clean your diamond ring. Do not use the same brush to clean other substances. Clean edges and clean it from the bottom because this is the place where all dust got collected or stuck.

Rinse the ring under the water

After applying the brush, now rinse the ring under the water in the sink to clean it properly. Rub it with a gentle thumb under the flowing water.

Dry the ring

Now washing with water or a toothbrush is over. It’s time to dry the ring with cotton or linen cloth. Do not use paper to clean the ring because it put scratches on the ring

Polish the ring

This point doesn’t cover the basic tips and tricks to cleaning a diamond ring. You can use a polished cloth to get back the shine of your diamond ring.

You can clean your diamond ring at home by using the above simple tricks and tips.

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Note – Do not use the above tricks in case your diamond loses from the surface or a lot of dust is collected in the ring. Rather go to the jewellery and get your ring cleaned.

There is a great saying prevention is better than cure. The same rule applies to the engagement or diamond ring if you use it carefully.

Tips to protect your ring from dust

Although the tips that we are going to share are difficult to do in your day-to-day life this will help you protect your ring from dust and damage.

  • Remove the ring before applying any hand lotion, hair lotion, perfume or any other chemical substance.
  • Take off the ring while doing exercise or workout. Sweating makes your ring dirty. Workout not only makes your ring dirty but also there will be a chance of damage to the ring like bending, peeling off, colour faintness etc.
  • Swimming and showering are routine tasks that we will do in our life. Remove the ring while doing this activity to protect your ring from losing its shine and sparkle. While showing we will apply shampoo or get that damaged ring.
  • While cooking remove the ring

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