Chrysler Unveils New Electric Concept Build Business Case Value

The latest electric concept automobile from Chrysler Unveils, called Halcyon, is more than simply an able-bodied autonomous car. It’s also an augmented reality-powered mobile astronomy observatory. Chrysler’s electric concept car Halcyon is a step forward from its jet ski-like interior that was presented at CES 2023. It can automatically darken the glass canopy and recline the seats into a comfortable posture to get the driver and passengers ready for Stargazing mode. Here, Halcyon becomes a moving observatory for astronomy thanks to the augmented reality windshield head-up display, which projected information about stars and constellations.

Halcyon, a brand-new electric concept vehicle from Chrysler, also has Level 4 automated driving, which can anticipate the driver’s path. With the use of this technology, the driver may tell the electric car to retract the pedals and steering wheel anytime they want to take control of the vehicle once more. With its Memory Landmark function, Chrysler’s Halcyon can remember the driver’s past locations and preferences, thanks to the electric car’s AI helper. The augmented reality head-up display flashes pins, or selectable and shareable areas of interest, while the vehicle cruises. The electric vehicle can find its way to a location after it has been selected.

The new electric concept automobile from Chrysler Halcyon is an augmented reality-powered mobile astronomy observatory.

By utilizing the soon-to-be-available Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer technology, which enables electric cars passing across specially designed, dedicated road lanes to wirelessly recharge, Chrysler’s Halcyon concept further positions itself for the future of green energy. This is a feature of Chrysler’s upcoming electric vehicle, thus Halcyon will be ahead of the game when roads are able to recharge electric cars while they are being driven. In the event that this occurs, electric vehicles, such as Chrysler’s Halcyon, will be able to drive an infinite distance without requiring a charging station or cable.

chrysler new electric concept car halcyonChrysler’s electric concept car Halcyon can dim the glass canopy on its own for its Stargazing mode

Lithium-Sulfur Ev Batteries For Less Carbon Emissions

Lithium-sulfur electric vehicle batteries—which do not include nickel, cobalt, or manganese—are also intended to be used in Chrysler’s Halcyon concept car. According to Chrysler, this can help cut carbon emissions by up to 60% when compared to current batteries. Chrysler intends to emphasize its environmental activism even within the electric vehicle by using laser-pattern Solar White suede, which is composed of 73% PET bottles, on the upper seat and door regions. The lower seats’ non-leather synthetic soft trim blends in with the suede, while the seatbacks’ synthetic soft trim in Solar White complements the interior’s accents of 100% recycled polyester Mélange Heather fabric. The electric automobiles’ four doors open widely outward.

Openness and transparency are evident as soon as one steps into Chrysler’s Halcyon electric concept car, offering nearly 360 degrees of visibility. A stowable 15.6-inch console screen accompanies the digital display, which is focused on a pillar-to-pillar transparent display in the sculpted cockpit for a forward-looking perspective of information while maintaining eyes on the road. This screen may be fully controlled by voice recognition instructions, oriented in either portrait or landscape mode, and help with startup and rapid access to driving information.

Exterior Design Of Chrysler’s Electric Concept Car Halcyon

The electric car’s body radiates a moderate slope outside of Chrysler’s Halcyon concept, a striking sculptural style that the automaker defines. The new LED-lit Chrysler wing emblem, which made its debut on the Chrysler Airflow Concept, is centered by an adaptable thin LED headlight. The windshield of the electric vehicle stretches to the borders of the front end, lengthening the cockpit and creating a broad, sweeping vision. To create the appearance that Halcyon’s exterior was made entirely of scrap metal, elemental silver was selected as the hue.

Since all four of the electric cars’ doors swing far outward, with the front doors swiveling toward the front bumper and the rear doors toward the rear bumper, the doors of Chrysler’s Halcyon concept can be a visually arresting feature. This ensures that everyone has a broader entry. When the driver and passengers get inside the electric car, even the portion of the glass canopy folds forward to provide more ventilation and more room. To give the Halcyone a more aerodynamic appearance, cameras are mounted in the tiny, blade-like side mirrors. Chrysler also chooses driverless entry, which does away with the necessity for door handles.

After the release of the Chrysler Portal Concept in 2017, the Chrysler Airflow Concept in 2022, and the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator in 2023, Halcyon is the newest model in Chrysler’s expanding line of electric concept automobiles. Chrysler plans to introduce its first battery-electric car in 2025 and maintain its electrification momentum by introducing an all-electric lineup in 2028. The Chrysler Halcyon Concept is consistent with the brand’s objective to install electric propulsion systems that will enable Stellantis to lead the transportation sector by attaining net carbon zero by 2038 and reduce its global carbon footprint by 50% by 2030.

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