The Future of Brian Enos neon Turntable

For the second time, English musician Brian Eno brings back his color-changing neon turntable complete with acrylic LED lights and rhythmically altering colorscapes. Turntable II by Brian Eno is being launched concurrently with an opportunity to view it in person at the Paul Stolper Gallery in London through March 9, 2024. Similar to the previous time, there are just 150 copies of the new Turntable II available worldwide. In addition to being a turntable, Brian Eno’s neon design now functions as a sculpture when it isn’t playing records. Like his musical compositions, it creates an evocative atmosphere wherever it is put.

Acrylic Led Lights For The Changing Colorscapes

The platter and base of Brian Eno’s neon Turntable II are equipped with sequenced acrylic LED lights. The edition number and signature of the performer are etched on the side of the neon turntable’s base, for those who are able to purchase one of the 150 restricted pieces. The lights’ pattern—that is, how quickly and how they change—is programmed, but the transition happens gradually and at random. Warm pink, blue, orange, and green hues flood the room as the light sequence morphs, deviating from a steady rhythm to astonish vinyl users with ambient illumination that follows them into the night.

 Brian Eno’s Neon Turntable II Can Play 33 And 45rpm Vinyl

Record speed options for Brian Eno’s Turntable II include 33 and 45 rpm. The neon colours turn into a multicoloured, psychedelic brilliance while the music plays, flowing smoothly through many combinations of generative hues. The light sequence of the Turntable II is referred to by Brian Eno as “colorscapes”. His investigation of light is influenced by the pictorial compositions of early 20th-century Russian avant-garde, James Turrell, and Mondrian, among others. These pieces bathe the Turntable II. The way the colours change from shade to shade also mirrors the day’s natural progression, being brighter at dawn and turning darker at dusk.

The Paul Stolper Gallery is inviting everyone interested in seeing Brian Eno’s neon Turntable II in person to join them in celebrating the debut on February 13 at 16:00 GMT. They could also have a chance to examine the light pattern in greater detail and observe how the LED lights pierce the device’s flimsy acrylic casing. As of the story’s publication, the gallery notes that Brian Eno’s Turntable II is available for 20,000 pounds.

When Brian Eno’s neon Turntable II isn’t playing records, it functions as a sculpture.2024; Brian Eno, Turntable II

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